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Payroll outsourcing for small enterprises: simply by electronically forwarding the files containing the data required for processing and administration (attendance management, monthly variables, personal information changes, etc.). This solution allows small enterprises that do not have an automated attendance system to activate an online attendance sheet and extract data and reports online directly through our HR Portal.


Payroll outsourcing for medium enterprises: this solution allows clients to activate the attendance sheet and view and/or change the employee’s personal information, view data, extract information to be forwarded to information systems, such as SAP, SAP HR, etc. By connecting to our HR Portal, clients can access the documents produced (payslips, employee certifications, sick leaves, maternity leaves, employment contracts, severance indemnities, etc.) and any other document the company may require (tax deduction forms, authorisation to process personal data, support request forms, 730 form, etc.).


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